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​​Business Owners

Whether you are starting a business or are contemplating succession or exit strategies, you need experienced, trusted advisors as you work toward the success you imagined when you made the decision to embark on the path of entrepreneurialism.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur has always defined the American Dream.  Overcoming obstacles to build a business and create an entity that is able to provide for your well being as well as for your employees is the ultimate challenge.

As a successful business owner, we know your business presents challenges on a daily basis that require focus and dedication that most other individuals are not able to sustain.  However, it is this same focus and dedication to your business that can distract you from fully realizing the financial opportunities that are available to you by integrating your personal and business planning.  This is why many entrepreneurs turn to Clear Skies Financial.  We focus all of our planning around your largest asset, your business, and we use strategies that are available to the business to help the owners work towards their personal financial goals.  We believe this change in our approach from the standard advisor can provide huge benefits to you, the client.

We provide comprehensive planning for business owners, with our typical clients being owners of privately held enterprises. These small to mid-sized businesses may not realize it, but have access to many beneficial tax and financial strategies that are typically thought to be reserved for bigger corporations.  Our job is to bring our differentiated perspective to help you understand what is available.  Then strategize, implement & integrate the most beneficial strategies for your particular situation.

What do Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jack Welch and Mark Zuckerberg all have in common?  They are all phenomenal performers because they have listened and worked with coaches and advisors to assist them to become better.   If you break it down in to major categories, these coaches or advisors have primarily helped in two ways.  The first is they have helped hone and address existing skill sets.  The second is they have taken care of their outside interests so that they can focus on becoming better in their area of expertise.

We don’t promise to turn you in to Jack Welch or Mark Zuckerberg, however, our business owner planning process takes a holistic approach to address a number of financial, tax and asset protection issues so you can confidently focus on running your business knowing the other issues are taken care of.